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Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 1

It was quite by accident that I discovered how a woman can have exciting sexual encounters with men, of her choice, and be able to go home that night without any worry of entanglements.

My husband and I went to a private party given by the friend of a friend. There were twenty-three couples there. A vodka punch was server that was very effective in getting everyone tipsy. My husband, well gunned, was chatting with a group of other men in the den. I made myself useful by serving food and drinks. My wine bottle was half consumed, so I was tipsy too. Seeing an attractive man away from his wife, I asked him to dance. I like to watch a man's reaction when he discovers that I have C cup breasts, so I pressed them to his chest and my leg against his. During one dip, my pelvic area pressed against his leg. He held me tightly while rubbing my back. The song ended. He stayed right there and we talked. He was pleasantly drunk, and I could tell that he wanted to be with me.

At the end of a second dance, I excused myself to got to a bathroom. He followed me into the bathroom, locked the door, and backed me up to the sink. In one move, he reached under my dress, lowered my pantyhose and begin to press his mouth to my clitoris. Bemused by this, I reached for his head. As I shifted my weight the pressure of the sink edge behind me made my legs open so that he could get his tongue into me. Oh, but it felt good! Mind you, we are in a bathroom. He lowered me to the floor, dropped his pants and slid his penis into me. Because of the punch, it took him ten minutes to cum. I had two orgasms. We cleaned up and left to return to the dance area. He walked right up to his wife and danced with her like nothing had happened.

I found my husband with the same group of men. From the slurring of his words, I figured he was planted there for the night. I went to look around the home. It was a three level. The master bed room was huge. The host entered it while I was there. He was six foot five and two hundred thirty pounds. Good looking. "Love this room," I said. He replied that he especially liked the mirrors that made up one wall. "So you can observe yourself in action," I blurted out. "Yes," He kissed me and lay me onto the bed. He too removed my pantyhose with one sweep.

I could not believe this. I was naked from the waist down, since my dress was above my waist. I was in a strange bed with my legs open about to receive the service of a handsome man who I did not know the mane of, and I knew that he did not know me.

I was forty years old, at the time, weight one hundred, thirty-nine pounds, and stood five foot, four. He removed his pants giving me a look at his privates. Nice! About seven thick inches. I was wet, as he could tell when he put his hand there. He mounted me. No hurry: just steady long thrusts. The drinks kept him from cuming for fifteen minutes. Add two more orgasms to my total for the night. I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the action for all it was worth.

We cleaned up and returned to the party area. No one noticed us. Both men resumed their rolls in the scheme of thing, which did not include being with me. My husband and I left an hour later with the good wishes of the hostess, who thanked me for helping serve the food and drinks.

I thought a lot about what had happened and why it went so well. I wanted more of this sex with good looking men, without any follow up on their part to sully my reputation.

I joined the welcome wagon clubs in the near by cities. I also joined two country clubs as non playing member, which is cheap. I make myself very useful to any woman having a party either at home or at the clubs. My husband works the evening shift, three months on and three months off, so I have a lot of time to go places on my own. It is over two years since the "discovery" party. To date, I have had sex with ninety-six (96) men at parties. Not one has tried to call me at home. I am getting very good at going around the building that the party is in, when I get there, to find places that a couple can be alone, and undisturbed for fifteen minutes. Its a game. I am the hunter. And, yes, the sex is very very exciting.

Love Y'all, I'm Softly, UB2...

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