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My Open Relationship

The Meeting.

Of course, a relationship like the one I now share with my lover doesn't just happen. It takes mistakes, experimentation, frank discussion, mutual understanding, exploration, acceptance, absolute honesty, trust, faith and whole gamut of other things, emotions and desires and the honest confrontation and recognition of those emotions and desires.

Ours started off like any other intimate relationship between a man and a woman with the promise of implied fidelity, if not actually verbally promised. Of course, promises are easy to make, but not so easy to fulfil. The road of good intentions is filled with pitfalls which are not always that easy to avoid.

I have to admit that ours didn't start in any normal way. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I was totally overwhelmed, flabbergasted, shocked, surprised, thrilled, excited, scared and heaven knows what else. From the very first moment we laid eyes on each other we never conformed to any prescribed norms.

I had been, for six month or so, devoted myself to celibacy. I was tired of men taking the pleasure with me and not really caring about mine. That was much the story of my life. Even if I did manage to experience an orgasm before the man had finished, mostly prematurely, I always felt that there was something missing. The purely physical gratification, when I did manage to enjoy an orgasm, wasn't enough for me anymore, so I decided that I might as well give it a miss. It was no better than masturbation and mostly less fulfilling.

I will touch more on this subject in a later chapter when I give a brief résumé of my history. The reader must bear with me if I tend to roam and ramble a bit. I am trying to convey the ambience and the nuance of my situation so that you can grasp my emotions.

So, there I was living like a virtual recluse, emotionally anyway. Oh, to be sure, men still came calling in the hopes that they'd get lucky, but I just wasn't interested. One of them arrived on a Saturday afternoon, insisting that I accompany him, saying there was this guy who I just had to meet. He'd been trying to get into my brooks for quite a while without any success and I suspected that this was just another ploy to achieve his goal. Anyway, he was extremely persistent so I eventually agreed. I went along, more out of politeness with the intention of showing my face, maybe having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and going home again.

Well, I never went home again! Other than to collect my things that is.

We arrived at this house and our host was nowhere to be seen. They were going to have a barbeque and my escort said he was probably inside, getting stuff ready and that I should go inside and introduce myself. Talk about chivalry! Anyway, I did. I walked inside, stopping in the open door to be confronted by a tall, athletic figure with his back to me, busy at the kitchen counter. I called out apprehensively "Hello. I'm Monique."

He turned around at the sound of my voice, squinted to see who was speaking because the sun was shining from behind me, silhouetting me in the open doorway and then he exclaimed "Holy shit, my baby! Where have you been all my life?" and in three long strides he had me in his arms, kissing me passionately.

Now you will understand why I said "I was totally overwhelmed, flabbergasted, shocked, surprised, thrilled, excited, scared and heaven knows what else." He hadn't even told me his name yet and I was being seduced, with intense passion! Raped, maybe? I don't really know what to call it, but I do know it was beyond me to resist. I succumbed joyously. I was wearing skinny Jeans and a tight tank-top. What happened to them I can't remember, but within seconds I was naked. I wasn't wearing a bra [I don't need to] or panty [never did with Jeans]. He slipped my heels onto my feet again [which I found a bit strange], picked me up and being carried me through to his bedroom, cradled in his arms and kissing passionately all the way.

Please understand, all this happened within minutes. I was completely overwhelmed and totally bewildered, unable to think clearly, but I had no desire to resist. He laid me down on the bed and came and lay down next to me, half across me, and we resumed our passionate foreplay, together tugging off his clothes. Oh my word! I was almost In a state of shock when I first beheld his cock. It's almost the size of my forearm.

Okay, I'm not a big girl, but everything is relevant, not so? The thought of something that size invading my petite body and pert, tight pussy daunted me. I am rather small and tight "down there". Well, that only lasted for a moment, until his face buried itself between my thighs and his mouth and tongue started weaving their magic in my now molten core. I entwined my fingers in his hair, pulling his face hard into my groin, wanting him to devour all of me.

When he swivelled around, his cock protruding in front of my face, offering it to me to suck. I latched onto it with alacrity. I sucked and kissed it unbelievably enthusiastically and lovingly. I think that was, was born of desperation, thinking the longer I could please him in that fashion the longer I would delay the moment when I would inevitably have to take it in me. Quite foolish of me, of course. We were both far past the point of no return by then. Actually, long before then.

I couldn't believe it when I realised I was on the verge of cumming already. He'd brought me there just with foreplay. I had never, ever experienced that before! I was still going to find out that this was going to prove to be a night of a whole lot first for me.

He must have realised I was on the brink of an orgasm because he sat up and turned around, supporting his weight on one hand and towering over me with his cock in the other he nudged the head in between my pouting labia. I swear it felt as if my labia were pouting, reaching out for it, wanting it inside me. I also, involuntarily, reached for it, taking hold of the shaft with both hands and helping to guide it into me as he wiggle the big, pulsating head and, gently, pushed it into me. It was almost with a sense of relief that I felt it pop into me. Sort off, well, so far so good. I've survived so far! Not that I can, of course, remember anything, other than that I wanted it, all of it, come hell or high water.

Now that he was in me we let go of it and towering above me, supporting himself on both hands with his arms outstretched he, slowly, started to push into, looking into my eyes, he whispered something like you're magnificent or fantastic or something. My legs shot straight up into the air, opening wide inviting him into me. I remember being vaguely surprised that I was still wearing my heels.

As he slid slowly deeper into me, suddenly, all hell broke loose and I exploded into an intense orgasm, as our mouths found each other's again and he took my orgasm as a sign for him to fuck me, hard. I was squirming, bucking, writhing, squealing, sobbing, groaning and gasping all at the same time form the intensity of what I was experiencing. It was unbelievable and it was only the beginning!

Okay, now that you've had your juicy bit of pornographic entertainment, I'll get on with the real story again.

Well, we fucked all night. And, I mean, all night. It must have been somewhere between three and four the afternoon when we started and we eventually fell asleep in each other's arms, due to sheer exhaustion, when dawn was starting to creep through the curtains.

I had never before imagined I could experience such intense orgasms or believed that I could enjoy so many, so continuously. Hitherto, multiple orgasms had largely been a thing of myth and now I had just experienced them all night long!

We did come up to take a breath every now and then and have some refreshment, alcoholic, naturally. Champagne for me to celebrate our union and whatever took his fancy, at the moment, for him. I believe other people were expected for the barbeque. Well, if they did, we never saw them and they were left to the guy who'd brought me there to entertain. When we came up for air, the first time, at around ten, everybody had already left and all was quiet outside. Heaven knows what they must have thought of the noises emanating from the bedroom because I was rather loud.

Anyway, he was the most considerate and unselfish lover I had ever encountered, totally devoted to my pleasure and unconcerned about his. Naturally, he also came a few times, but not anywhere near in as much as me. The first inclination I had that he was going to be different to anyone I'd ever known before was when we took our first break and he asked me to always wear high heels.

That's about all I can tell you about that night. I must have squirted, maybe more than once, which was also something I had never experienced before, because areas of the bed were soaked. At first I thought one of us had wet the bed until he explained to me what had happened. That embarrassed me. I thought it was something to be ashamed of.

Later the day I awoke alone in the bed, a little confused, not immediately remembering where I was. I hadn't awoken in a strange bed for quite some time. I soon got my bearings and, taking the liberty of scratching in his wardrobe, found a T-shirt, slipped it on and went off in search of my fantastic new lover. I was besotted. And, can you blame me? I had just been fucked like never before! My pussy looked like someone with fat-lip it was so red and puffy, bulging hugely between my thighs.

I found him sitting naked, outside on the patio with a beer in hand. I took some satisfaction from the sight of his long cock, dangling down between his thighs. It didn't look much better than my pussy, also all red and raw. I went and sat on his lap with an arm thrown around his shoulder and cooed "Morning lover." And pecked him on the cheek. I was at home. "I'm moving in with you."

"Where're your shoes, sweetheart and have you looked at yourself in the mirror?"

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