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Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 01

I live in the upper Midwest and as such have become an avid hunter. There are few better feelings as those you experience outdoors, in the woods, in the late fall. The trees have lost their leaves, the Winter cold air has moved in from the North and occasionally a fresh blanket of snow is on the ground. Today was no exception. I was out in the woods, in my favorite stand, watching and waiting. The others in my group all split up and were spread out within the 500 acre woods we were hunting.

The bluffs of northern Wisconsin along the Mississippi River are home to monster bucks. As I sat patiently waiting for my trophy buck to come into view, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

"Robert, come back to the house. There is a car waiting for you". The text was from my friend and roommate who is also named Bob. Bob, always so formal, owns the land we are hunting on. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but everyone must have headed to lunch. I climbed out of my stand and began the walk back to my friend's house.

I arrived fifteen minutes later and sure enough, there was a Red SUV in the driveway running which I didn't recognize. After dropping off my gear, I opened the passenger door and there she was waiting for me, Rachel. Rachel is my roomate Bob's on again off again girlfriend. Last I knew they were on again, and so my curiosity was peaked.

"What is going on?" I asked.

"What's going on is that Bob instructed me to pick you up and bring you to the rendezvous." I didn't know what to make of it but it was Bob's instructions so I went along.

Rachel is a fiery redhead with straight shoulder length hair and a pleasant face. I have never seen her without clothes, but could only imagine what she looks like naked. The nice swell beneath her sweater surely would be ample breasts that have gotten heavy with age and the curves under the jeans made my mouth water. At that moment, that was exactly what I was wondering.

The 20 minute drive continued without another word from either of us. We pulled into the parking lot of a motel called The Rendezvous. It was one of those establishments from the 70's where there aren't hallways or indoor pools. Thoughts of a shower stabbing from the movie Psycho were my first thoughts as we pulled in and parked. I recognized some of the many cars in the lot but didn't think much about it. Without a word, we both got out and I followed Rachel to door #5. The large picture window had the curtains drawn and I began wondering how much trouble I was about to be in.

As we walked in, I was greeted by the other four hunters from my party. Comments like "what took ya?" , "where have you been?" "did you get one?" were coming at me from the guys. It was obvious they had planned this due to the coolers of beer and bottles of blackberry brandy on the table. Somehow the party had grown because there were women in the room that I didn't recognize and it was then that it all hit me.

No one had any clothes on and the guys were being treated to blowjobs by the women.

Phil and Joe were seated on the couch. Bob was sitting at the table with a girl on her knees between his legs. I was blown away. I could not have ever imagined this happening. If Rachel was undressing me, who was sucking Bob's cock?

Rachel, already out of her coat and boots handed me a brandy and had started removing my clothes.. The women would look over at me with their mouths full of cock with an inquisitive looks on their faces and smiles. Obviously they were not able to speak with their mouths full.

"Let me get you out of those clothes, we have a nice hot bath for you waiting in the next room," said Rachel as she was unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

After removing all my clothes, standing there naked, she grabbed me by the cock and lead me into the bedroom suite. As we walked in, I took in the fact there was a fireplace in the room, a king size bed and a spa styled tub which could hold more than one. At this point, I was guided into the tub by Rachel who was peeling the last of her clothes off, exposing the body I had never seen. Pre-cum was leaking from my fully erect cock at this point and Rachel went to her knees in front of me. I was able to take in the view of her body at this point as she leaned in to taste me. Her breasts were everything I had hoped they would be, maybe 34C, but her nipples were amazing. They were pink, surrounded by slightly darker areolas. They had already started to harden as most of her body was in the hot water. She wasn't real thin, but she definitely had been taking care of herself.

As she drew me into her mouth, I couldn't help but moan as the pleasure of her lips and tongue began to overtake me. Letting me "pop" from her mouth, she eased me into the hot water and I was treated to her sponging my body. After washing me completely, she asked me to sit on the edge of the tub. I didn't think it would be a good idea to object at this point and so I complied. Fondling my balls with her right hand and grasping the base of my still hard and throbbing cock, she engulfed me. I could feel her tongue all around me as she edged closer to fully swallowing all of my 7 inches. I couldn't help it, I came. Rope after rope of cum coaxed out of me as her hands milked me.

"There, that should take the edge off so you can enjoy the rest of the day with all of us."

It took me a moment to get past the fact that my friend's girlfriend had just deep throated me to orgasm with all my other buddies getting sucked off in the next room.

"Yeah, I didn't see that coming, Thanks Rachel, that was amazing. Bob is one lucky guy."

I stood and we shared our first kiss. It wasn't the first time a woman had kissed me right after swallowing my cum and so the familiar taste coupled with her lips wasn't bad.

We turned down the bed together and she had me sit up against the headboard while she went into the other room and got drinks for both of us.

Part 2 coming shortly.

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