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Anal Sex Ch. 03

Well now in this part I will be telling you about me having anal sex with my two teachers about one of them I have already narrated in Part - 2. I was alone in the college and it was about mid afternoon once my teacher came to me and asked if I was free for some fun in the evening which I accepted as I was not doing any thing at that time. I forgot to tell you the name of my teacher his name is Mr. John. So in the evening I went to Mr. John's place and after some chitchat we started off with the sexual activities.

We both started kissing each other and in the mean while removed our dresses as well. Soon we both were in the bed kissing and fondling each other's parts specially cocks. Mr. John told me to lie down on the bed on my tummy so that he can kiss my back and butts, and I did the same. He started kissing my neck and then shifted his attention towards my butts and after kissing and lightly biting them he moved towards my anus, which I have shaved for the evening. He was excited to find my anus with out any hairs and that made him lick it with more zeal and zest. Soon after licking my anus for good about five minutes or so I felt as if some small bottle is been inserted in my asshole, Mr. John told so on inquiring it that he was oiling up my anus for a better fuck.

I was told by him to suck his dick that is about six and a half inches long and not much thick. I started licking and sucking his dick but I found that he was not ejaculating even after hard sucking of about ten minutes. I asked him the reason as it has never happened before and he replied that he has applied a lot of delay cream on his dick for better fucking of my ass for extra long time.

This made me shiver as I came to know that now I was in for a hard prolonged anal sex. After oiling up my anus Mr. John pushed his index finger in my anus and started to finger fuck me, soon he was having his two fingers in my anus. After finger fuck for few minutes he told me to get in to doggi style so that he can mount my ass from behind. I did the same, he rolled a condom over his dick and then he entered my anus with out slightest problem and after few slow strokes he was fucking my ass like he was ridding a horse.

Once he got tired in doggi style he placed himself on the bed on his back and told me to sit on his dick. I came right over his body and then placed my self on his erect dick

Now I was jumping up and down over his dick, he told me to face his feet and called this position as inverse cowboy. I rode his cock for some time and then he placed himself on the edge of the bed and told me to sit in his lap. Now I positioned my self in his lap with my legs either side of his body. And he held my body against his with one hand and with other started pumping my dick, which by now was semi, erect. Soon his pumping made me ejaculate and I ejaculated my sperms on his hand .He then moved his hand towards my face and told me to lick it clean which I did as I had no other option.

In the mean while we heard some knock at the door and person to enter was my other teacher, Mr. Martin. My fucker welcomed the new arrival and Mr. Martin with out any hesitation removed his cloths and came right up to me. His dick was very large and too much thick about ten inches long and 4 inches thick. He brought his dick right up to my face and told me to suck. I was not able to take the dick in my mouth as it was choking to take that much fat head in mouth.

He forcefully pushed his dick in my mouth and started fucking me in the face. In the mean while Mr. John was ready to cum .He told me to get up from his lap and after removing the condom pushed his dick in my mouth and started fucking my lips. Soon he unloaded his cum in my mouth .I had to drink each and every drop of his cum, which was bitter in taste.

My other teacher Mr. Martin laid me on the bed on my back and pulled my legs up. He folded my legs towards my chest and placed a pillow under my ass to support it. He tried to mount my ass but could not push his dick in my anus, as it was too big to go in. He applied more oil on it and then with a forceful jerk pushed head of his dick past my anal ring. I cried in pain as it felt that some baseball bat had gone in my ass. I pledged him to stop but he pushed almost his entire dick in my anus .It seemed that my anus would be torn apart. Mr. Martin started to move his dick slowly and just after few jerks came in my anus.

Now both teachers told me to suck their dicks and I was forced to do it and in return each one sucked my dick and licked my anus, which was fucked badly by both the studs. I ejaculated once again and then I was allowed to put my dress on and that's how this awful fuck finished.

Rest of the story in part 4, till then bye have fun.

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