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A Category That Is: Loving Wives

Author's Note: This is the sole thinking, views and muddling of The Soulful Bard on a category in Literotica known as 'Loving Wives'.


Seeing all those heavy-weight authors on Lit throwing their weight around with their criticisms and reviews, I decided to throw one of my own ideas into this chaotic mix. This review is about the most controversial category on Lit, better known as 'Loving Wives'- a topic that has successfully divided every Lit user on their personal opinions.

Okay, let's get started, people. Lock and Load!

So, what exactly is Loving Wives? Lit defines it as "Extra-marital fun, swinging, sharing and more."

Before I even heard of this website, I used to pump my imaginations from another website of the Penthouse Magazines where fantasies of Authors wanting to see their wives getting the shit fucked out of their brains by someone else are a predominant event. So it wasn't exactly a category that was new to me.

The first ever LW story that I remember reading was 'Katie's Massage' by bilbo181. I absolutely loved the build-up and seduction, which I absolutely adore, and of course the fucking that ensues. Though the sex pales a little in comparison to the seduction, it was a great read nonetheless. I was left with raging hard-on that I was forced to relieve twice (no shit) during the story.

I gleefully searched the whole category in search of some more stories like the ones I had read but found something that was totally different to what I had expected.

The first few stories I had read about girlfriends and wives cheating behind the backs of their respective boyfriends and husbands made me really anxious as the "What if I were him?" scenarios circled relentlessly through my head. My girlfriend had no clue as to why I had started acting funny around her and looked at her with suspicious eyes.

Thankfully, my angel fucked some sense into me one night after I had tentatively told her what has been bothering me all this time.

So, y'all might be thinking right now - Now what? She cheated on you despite the assurance?

No, of course not! I just drifted away for a while. Sorry!

According to my rough estimates, 60% of stories in this category deal with the revenge kind, 25% deal with the Hubby-wants-to-watch-you-fuck category while a rare 10% deal about reconciliation to save a marriage.

If you do the math, 5% is still missing, which I've left intentionally, to include any thing other than the ones I've mentioned above.

I bet you must've read this a hundred times -

"He entered the house quietly, rubbing his hands in anticipation of the sex he'd have with his wife. The house was strangely empty and quiet except for a few soft voices drifting in from the bedroom. He climbed the stairs quietly, wondering what the hell was going on, and his world came apart when he saw the next scene..."

This has been practically done to death. There are a total of five major scenarios possible from now on:

1. If it's the revenge kind, it would usually follow what measures he took to catch them red handed and file a divorce on the grounds of "Adultery", while the wife is either blissfully unaware or begging her balls out to persuade him. To add a twist, the author's likely to add a child or two, making it hard for our hero to give a divorce to his cheating, whoring wife so that his children aren't traumatized.

2. If it's one of those swinging types, it would usually follow what a raging hard-on the husband had and ended up ejaculating on the bedroom door itself.

3. If it's one of those reconciliation types, it'll still end up with the cheating wife/hubby realizing her/his mistake and groveling for forgiveness, but this time it's the path to a marriage counselor or even a psychologist.

4. If it's one of those I-Don't-care types, the offended spouse would leave right away and never take a look back, possibly to become richer and gloat it back on his now-divorced spouse's face.

5. I have no idea, right now, of any other major things that can happen, except for a slight few variations of the above mentioned three points.

The Bard's Opinion:

I've read quite a few of these stories, depicting some very indigenous and brilliant plotting and scheming to bring down the cheating wife/hubby and frankly speaking, I did enjoy a few of them. One of such stories is the "Fool Him Once" by Longhorn_07, where the author has taken a lot of pain in the planning and hatching elaborate schemes to bring down his wife and her lover.

Despite how much I've enjoyed the downfall of the cheating spouse, I still find revenge a very petty act. Some authors really mess it up when they try to write the proceedings in court and about police procedure but end up conjuring some very unrealistic circumstances.

Now, I know that you'll fire away straight towards the comments section and write down a single word: Wimp. Before you do that, I want to tell you what I would've done if I had the unfortunate luck to be in such a position.

I'm more of the fourth scenario type of person - I'll never give a shit about you from now on. I won't waste my precious time on how I would do this and that to catch you in this position and so on. If she has cheated on me, she has lost my respect and my love. I'll quietly pick up the shattered piece of my heart and invest it on someone else, who'll probably love me more than I do.

Everything in life doesn't have to cannonballs and bazookas. I've had a much disciplined upbringing throughout my life and was always taught to treat women with respect. It's just that...revenge isn't my style of sorting things out with someone. If it's your style, then fine, but DO respect other people's choices of what they decide to do when they face heart breaking situations like this one.

The second type, with the swinging and sharing ones, are relatively hotter and the sex is definitely steamier than all of the other LW stories combined. Though not a person to engage in such a lifestyle, I have absolutely no problem with people living in the swinger's lifestyle - Nada.

One story as I've mentioned earlier - Katie's Massage - goes something along the same lines but one little difference is the husband hadn't really planned on getting his wife fucked by the masseur. Another one of those swinger style stories is "The Private Party" by Snake138, which is a contest winner. It involves seduction and a tiny bit of reluctance but the sex is absolutely goddamn hot. A few lines did make me laugh out loud such as "His tongue speared onto her clit with the accuracy of a javelin" but still, I gleefully added it to my favorites.

A problem I have with these types of stories is that I hate the indecision that the author puts into the protagonist's mind when he definitely wants to see his wife get fucked. Lines such as "I was humiliated and angry, but I had a raging hard-on and I loved her even more" are a big no-no from my side. It just doesn't fucking fit into someone's thinking, especially my thinking. Cut the crap and don't drag the story with such bullshit lines!

Also I have a bit of problem with the same stories where the hubby wants the wife to trample all over his dignity. It's one thing to want to see your wife getting fucked but it's a totally different matter for your wife to make you suck out some other man's cum from her recently fucked up pussy, all the while demeaning you.

Just not my type.

The third choice of reconciliation is quite interesting and always draws a lot of flak from the majority of the Lit crowd, if not done artfully. It even draws criticism even though if it has been done artfully, so there's no point of being able to avoid the barbed comments that are sure to follow.

Reconciliation is totally a psychological aspect of the story and not everyone can write that particular part without convincing the readers that two people can actually get back together after a very rough patch on their relationship. Being a person who takes an avid in Human Psychology and is studying to become one, I just can't swallow the bullshit some authors pelt out during the reconciliation sessions.

One story that did catch my eye in the LW category dealing with reconciliation is Requital, again by Longhorn_07. The dialogues in the beginning of this story are really good and get me hooked up real fast, especially the part where the protagonist gives out a verbal lash to "Jimmy boy" for making fun of poor people. The part where they go to a counselor and the talk that happened in between them also sounds very convincing to a normal person. All in all, it made a successful beeline to my favorites.

I find nothing wrong with people going to counselors for some advice to save their marriage that they think is worth saving. Again, they are the personal opinions of a few selected people and not for me to judge upon.

Alright then! On we surge to the last major type of LW story and my favorite kind - I-DON'T-GIVE-A-SHIT-ABOUT-YOU KIND.

I really like the philosophy of "The best kind of revenge is to live better".

These types of stories sound more convincing and mature to me. It is a thing that I'm more likely to do in such situations. The spouse simply walks away from the destroyed marriage and finds solace in someone else's arm. The other one is left to mull on the terrible decisions he/she has made that led to this point of their lives. If he/she is smart enough, they'll realize their folly soon enough but it'll be too late by then. They'll live with regrets in their heart for the rest of their lives and that's the kind of thing I wish for such people.

It is the best revenge for anyone I can think for anyone - Regrets.

Regrets are something that will stay with you throughout your life, especially regrets about trampling a good relationship to the dirt for no concrete reasons. It's a thing that just doesn't wash away. The pain will dull itself over time but it will hurt for the rest of your life. You'll be left wondering about the 'What if' scenarios at night and crying yourself off to sleep.

I'm NOT talking about the stories where the wife/girlfriend/hubby/boyfriend doesn't love you at all but I hope that you get my drift.

One story that caught my eye was "Discovery" by Jidoka. It is a story about the journey of a man from the very rock bottom to the absolute top and in the process, discovering his inner self and become a better man. The story is thoughtful and just my type. Oh, there is revenge but it is a result of the direct consequence of his ex-wife's own actions. The protagonist is just a bystander in the events that unfold.

So, these are the four major categories I had mentioned earlier and these are my thoughts.

A course of action can only be decided if you know what circumstances led to the cheating and all those stuff. If there's none of your fault, then you'll do just fine. You can move on, knowing that it wasn't you and you got out of this thing before wasting any more time with him/her.

BUT if a part of the fault lies with you, REMEMBER - NO MATTER how many more relationships you jump into after that, it'll always end up in a failure because you just never seem to realize your fault.

The major problem with humans is that they never like to take the blame for anything on their own head. It's just the way we are programmed and I'm not exempt from this but I have learnt to find my own mistakes and make myself a better person. If I can do it, then there's a 100% possibility that you can do it too.

Also, REFRAIN yourself from jumping into decisions that you will regret. You know that he/she had sex with someone else but stop and ask yourself - What made him/her do it? Was he/she blackmailed? Was he/she raped?

If the answer to any of the above questions is an unfortunate "yes", then stop and take a deep breath. Would you like your friends to abandon you if you were in her place, in such a dire situation? I will absolutely hate it and I think you would too.

These advices not only work for relationships but also in our lives. Follow them, reprimand yourself gently when you forget these things and try to instill them into yourselves. I'm sure it will help you in your life, be it in career or in relationships. It has helped me and I hope it helps you too.

Also, DO NOT let these stories about cheating spouses get to your brains. They are fictional and written by amateur authors, like myself, and are not necessarily the absolute truths of life. Don't let these ideas sully your relationship like me.

I was lucky enough to have an angel for a girlfriend, who understood the reasons of my stupid anxieties. If she had slapped and kicked me out, then it would've been my fault alone and I would be the one living with regrets right now.

You definitely don't want to push your luck, do you?


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